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Integrated Assessment Services Pvt Ltd has stopped working with M/s. PT. INOVATOR ASESMEN SINERGIS, owned by Mr. Pughu santoso, having office at Gedung MTH Square Lantai 3A No. 21, Jl. MT. Haryono Kav. 10, Kel. Bidara Cina,Kec. Jatinegara Jakarta Timur 13330 from 01.03.2019 onwards.

This action was due to the allegation that M/s. PT. INOVATOR ASESMEN SINERGIS has been issuing fake ISO certificates in the name of M/s. Integrated Assessment Services (IAS) and misused IAS & UQAS certificates and logos. During the investigation, it was found that issuing such fake certificate was in practice for quite long period.

M/s. INOVATOR ASESMEN SINERGIS has systematically cheated Integrated Assessment Services, UQAS, certified clients, customers of clients and government by issuing forgery, fake certificates.

Integrated Assessment Services Pvt. Ltd (IAS-INDIA) has taken serious view of this and is investigating each individual case. PT.INOVATOR ASESMEN SINERGIS will be pursued legally for this criminal act. M/s. Integrated Assessment Services (IAS-INDIA) will not be responsible for any such certifications, claims, trainings carried out by the M/s. PT. INOVATOR ASESMEN SINERGIS.

The originally issued certificates are declared in www.iascertification.com website or http://www.ias-indonesia.org/our-clients  website. If your organization is issued with an IAS certificate from M/s. PT. INOVAOTR ASESMEN SINERGIS and if it is not appearing in this list, it is possible that it might be a fake certificate. For further queries do contact info@iasiso.com.

IAS is delivering its services directly through PT. Integrated Assessment Services. Integrated Assessment Services will soon release the list of fake certificates issued under its name.